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Welcome to the world of interspecies communication!

For help with

• behaviour issues,
• lost animals,
• answers to questions you have about your animal,
• hearing the messages your animals have for you
• fear issues, and many more issues.

Animal Communication can help you understand and help your companion animals.

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What is Animal Communication?

Communication with animals is an inherent ability we all share, but few of us develop the skill. It works on the same principle as telepathic communication between humans. Since there is no barrier between species, communication is possible between humans and all animals—from horses, dogs, cats and other domesticated animals to feral animals such as bees, bears, birds, and raccoons.

Animal communication may take the form of words, pictures, feelings, scents, or just a “knowing” of something. Each animal communicates with one primary sense but will usually use all or most of them. It is up to the Animal Communicator to accept what they receive from the animal and pass on exactly what it wants conveyed. Sessions may include energy healing and/or spiritual healing.

Most Recent Story

No, they don’t.  Some do for sure but a recent session with a dog I will call Rupert is a prime example of one dog having no interest in being a pet. Dogs are as individual in who they are as we humans are. I was asked to work with Rupert by a new client […]

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